Tuesday, 20 June 2017

January 2016 complaint

I have attached the outline of the problem I’m having with the police and the NHS and was wondering if you could help me with legal advice.
I have a blog, which can be found here:  http://mxenaj.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page.html
It details the nature of the complaint.  However it is more like a book so it’s rather long.  The crux of the legal matter is in chapter 10 and 11.  I have therefore attached something smaller.
The problem is basically – an intentional misdiagnosis that has destroyed my life and a victim of hacking amongst other things that are apparently classed as ‘delusional’.
I hope you can find the time to read the attached and advise me on my legal rights – as I appear to have none.
Thank you
Michelle Johnstone



In January 2016 I was arrested by four officers at my house at approx 7am-ish in the morning.  I was literally pounced on, brutally manhandled, cuffed as soon as I opened the door.  I had to shout for them to lock the back door.  I was arrested for ‘suspicion of assault’ – of which no assault has ever taken place nor has any argument about ‘free food’.
On the way to the Hatfield Police Station, the officers in the car began talking about movies (Star Wars and Bradley Cooper) – a conversation I did not partake in.  I did not say anything to the police as they had just arrested me in the most horrific way.  I was not allowed a lawyer.  Upon arrival at the desk of Hatfield Station the officer waved his arm around and said “She’s saying some outlandish things” and thus I was ‘interviewed’ by 3 people who fabricated what was said, a lady who was very intimidating asked me about my daughter and I had said that I had not spoken to her since we fell out and she went to her dads approx 4/5 years ago.   I seen my ex mother in law at Sainsbury’s (Apsley Lock, Hemel Hempstead) and said to her “Do you understand the amount of unnecessary stress you and your family have put me through for the past 20 years”, she shrugged it off and replied “No, no – I’ll have you arrested for assault” and that was the whole ‘incident’.  Nothing else happened.  No ‘assault’ has ever taken place.  Another  of the ‘interviewers’ said “Why didn’t you just not say anything” as he walked out of the police cell as I was not asked to go to an ‘interview’ room that has been otherwise suggested.  I was sectioned and detained and sent to a psychiatric unit for what appeared to be no apparent reason.
I was in a state of shock and having sat at Kingfisher Psychiatric Unit is a very intimidating, degrading experience – no one talks to you, everything you say is just “yeah, okay” and if the staff talk to you it’s in a very patronising manner.  For example I was sitting in the room with the Consultant Burnett and she said “Some people are concerned about your mental health”, “Like who?” I replied.  As I have not spoken to anyone for approx the past 5 years and have been intentionally isolated and bullied whilst residing in Hemel Hempstead both on and offline.  She then proceeded to ask about a massacre and very patronisingly questioned “Where you there?” – not out of concern but rather a more passive aggressive as though seeking to get a reaction.
I asked to have a tribunal and spoke to a solicitor.  I told the solicitor about my blog, it’s a book/victim impact statement about my life, I stopped writing it when I went out on a date with Calum Best (‘reality tv’)and began to finish it around the time I was working as an extra on Pirates of the Caribean (movie) & met Richie McCaw (was All Black captain at the time of the World Cup) and was also an extra on Trance (Danny Boyle movie) when I found out that the guy that murdered my brother (in NZ) had committed a long list of offenses and had undercover cops at a wedding to ‘bust’ him.   However in the UK and approx 20 years later I have not spoken to anyone about events that occurred in 1990, Dunedin, NZ – and attempting to complete a victim impact statement to give to the Parole Board in NZ was a horrendous experience as it forces you to relive past events again.  The parole board in NZ informed me that they “work for Trounson” (Trounson is the surname of the guy that murdered my brother, also goes by the name of ‘Trounce, or, Trouson’)
At that time my daughter was 16, I was 16 at the time when my brother was murdered.  It was also an opportunity for my ex husband and the ex family to make life extremely difficult. 
In Dunedin (NZ), 1990 my brother was murdered by skinheads.  The convicted murderer wrote a note to another skinhead stating that ‘he would kill him’, they’d planned it and it was premeditated.  The murderer got 10 years which was considered ‘life’.   They turned up at my brothers funeral just to make sure he was dead.  He was murdered at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin.  88 being synonymous with Nazi’s.  New Zealand is known for its gangs, for example the ‘Mongrel Mob’ prides itself in wearing Hitler/Nazi insignia. 
I dreamt about my brother’s death – it’s a fact – I can’t change that – however for some strange reason that’s been taken and used against me as a means to intimidate me and suggest that my brother’s death is a fabrication.
After my brother was murdered in 1990 I became an ‘orphan’, I was living in Dunedin and was ‘discarded’ by the ‘family’.  I was 16.  During my time in Dunedin there was a gang rape incident by the same group of skinheads which left me frozen with fear and resulted in a brutal beating of a woman who screamed ‘RAPIST’.  They used to break in to where I was living which resulted being branded with half a swastika on my ankle.  I am a deep sleeper.  An instance of this was when the murder trial was on I had moved out to Ravensborne (not far from the massacre) and my uncle came to stay with me for a night.  That morning I woke up to being molested, I only woke up as my flatmate walked in.  My uncle quickly left and I was left in a state of shock as was my flatmate.   I found a letter from my flatmate to his mother stating “I’ve never found an uncle in a nieces bed”.  Not spoken about it since – it was the same time my brother had just been murdered and in the middle of a trial.   Not long after that the massacre in Aramoana happened.  Which is google-able.
My cousin, Brendon Takitimu, who came with me to my brothers wake committed suicide approx 2/3 years later. 
At 17, I got a job that included travel and travelled NZ and Australia.
I met the ex husband who is british in NZ through work, we married in NZ, had our daughter in NZ and moved to UK in 1995.  A gruesome divorce and years of being in and out of family court ensued whereby the abuse I had suffered was used against me.
Decades later, after I had built a successful life for both me and my daughter, the shock of attempting to prepare some kind of victim impact statement in order to keep my brothers murderer in prison and prevent the same violence happening to anyone else was difficult due to the profession that I was in.  I was an extra in the TV/Film industry working and meeting directors, actors, world famous celebrities.  I have socialised with them and worked with them.  
Approx 20 years later, my victim impact statement got discarded by the Parole Board in New Zealand and I was treated appallingly by the NZ Parole Board and was then taken advantage of and abused on social media and the internet.   On Facebook ‘family’ had been in touch with me – whom I’ve not spoken to in years including the uncle that molested me during my brother’s murder trial.  I confronted him on facebook and was told “You’re fucked in the head and full of shit” – on facebook – in front of everyone.  I had actors and work colleagues on my facebook at the time.   However this was seen as an opportunity to take advantage.
Having spent so long out of the country and no one talking about what had happened in 1990, no one knew who my brother was or knew that he had a sister on the other side of the world.  The family don’t talk about it which leads the next generation curious as to what happened and others deeming gossip as gospel and of course with me being on the other side of the world was of course an opportunity to take advantage.
Meanwhile in the UK I was working within the TV/Film industry, also had an online business – I wrote to the governor general of NZ asking why the ‘treatment’ I had received is ‘acceptable’.  I get/got fobbed off, laughed at and mocked.
It was also around the time of the Norway massacre and Leveson.  When the Norway massacre happened I was working on a movie called ‘Dark Shadows’ (starring Johnny Depp), I asked Johnny Depp’s double if he knew any good lawyers and a little bit about my life story, he proceeded to say that he didn’t know any good lawyers and ‘sounds as if it’d make a good movie’.   Not long after that I found out that Johnny Depp & Peter Jackson got together to get an alleged murderer out of prison and off ‘death row’ for a murder that he apparently didn’t commit which involved a ‘cult’. 
This was not a ‘conflict of interests’ as such but more emphasis on victims rights, victim support, how victims are treated within the TV/Film industry, the criminal justice system, gang rape culture, suicide, abuse: both sexual and mental, how governments treat foreign nationals and of course racism, extremism, counter extremism, the ‘crusade vs jihad’ along with hacking, illegally spying, stalking, intimidation and discrimination.
When seriously extreme violence occurs people will always say ‘it was like so and so movie’, there is a movie about the massacre in Aramoana called ‘Out of the blue’, I’ve not seen it for obvious reasons however people pass it off as being ‘just a movie’ and the viewers were also offended by the use of the work ‘fuck’ in the movie about the massacre that took place.  So I found myself in a situation where it’s interesting to see how victims are treated within the movie industry where they attempt to portray real life and act the roles of real life killers and victims. Also with the expression of ‘it was like so and so movie’, writing about my life story was like a montage of movies and it just so happened I was working within the movie industry.  Also other issues relative to the movie industry as a whole - for example, the focus of real life criminal movies are more often than not about the criminal, the victims/victims relatives do not get a say whether something is produced or not and the actor/s will more often than not go on to say that ‘it’s the hardest role he/she has ever played’ without giving the victims a second thought.  
I was thus hacked into and excluded from the internet.
I was hacked into by the Sun and Dailymail newspapers.
I was distraught.  I phoned the doctor who came to see me at my house and I outlined what had happened and asked for valium, he then proceeded to ask if I was a ‘crackhead’.  
Meanwhile in New Zealand, anything that paints a bad ‘image’ and goes against the ‘100% pure’ ‘reputation’ is considered to be bad PR.
Working within the entertainment industry the majority of the focus is on marketing and PR.  While ‘victim anonymity’ seems to be an excuse to take advantage, use, abuse, pillage and exploit.

In the Police section (04/01/2016), it states:
This 41 year old divorced Caucasian lady originally from New Zealand.  She was arrested for alleged assault on her ex mother in law in Sainsburys.  It is reported that she feels there is a conspiracy against her concerning abuse.  The murder of her brother, talk of Putin and Obama planes dropping out of sky.  It seems she has been isolated from family and medical care for some time.  Not known to mental health services.  At interview she was an articulate lady who despite superficial appropriate conversation soon became apparent that she is thought disorder and paranoid delusions about politicians doctors.  She said they don’t take her allegations seriously concerning massacres black magic.  She had her victim impact statement stolen by a Hollywood actor and turned into an event.  She said her identity had been stolen and she no longer exists (under occupation she put hologram).  She said she had clairvoyant power different to paranoid schizophrenia.  She is a disturbed lady, she admits cannibas use, her psychosis may be long standing it needs assessment as an inpatient she has apparently assaulted in the community.  She refuses voluntary admission.
Signed:  Tidy.

At no point did I ever mention planes falling out of the sky, clairvoyants, paranoid schizophrenia.  No assault has ever taken place.  There is no ‘conspiracy’ – I was abused, it is fact not ‘delusional’.  I did not mention Putin or Obama or say anything about ‘black magic’.  I did not say that my victim impact statement was stolen by a Hollywood actor and turned into an event.  My brother’s death and a massacre is an ‘event’ so what ‘event’ are they referring to.  I was honest -  I told them I smoked the occasional marijuana ‘joint’ however I am not a ‘full on’ smoker and am a ‘light user’ however this is an excuse to say you have psychosis or a psychotic episode.  I told them I have PTSD, I have managed it for years however as a result of the police treatment/abuse that I have received it has amplified it.
It also states on the police report that my daughter dressed up as Mexican dead people and left an egg on the computer so my reaction would be captured on the computer when provoked.
John Carter of Mars was my first movie working as an extra.  It’s a Disney film.  It was a flop, some might call it a ‘tax break movie’, lost an obscene amount of money.  My feet were blistered from the martian sandals, lots of mingling – it’s Disney.  It features actors called Mark Strong & Taylor Kitsch.  I pointed at Mark Strong and said “RocknRolla”.  It’s a Guy Ritchie Movie.  I also giggled at Taylor Kitsch and muttered a line out of the animated movie Madagascar about bringing nuts on silver platters.  I am unsure why I thought of the movie Madagascar when meeting Taylor Kitsch – so it made me giggle.  Taylor Kitsch went on to do other movies called ‘Savages’ and ‘Lone Survivor’.  One of the tech’s liked my tattoo that I have on my shoulder.   I later attended the premiere of John Carter of Mars in London – with my daughter.  I also attended the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere in London.   When I met Calum Best in London previously it made me feel sick afterwards and it couldn’t be explained. Physically sick, not mentally.  And when I met Richie McCaw in London we just spoke about the earthquake prior to the bigger one that occurred while I was in Madrid with my daughter visiting the real Disney castle. 

The tension between my daughter and myself had been building up.  She was 16 and going through a rebellious phase, and jealous phase, she didn’t like it when I went to New York on my own with the money I had made as an extra working on Pirates of the Caribbean – it was classed as completely selfish however it was a lifelong dream of going to New York.   She also threw away a book that my brother scribbled in that my aunt gave me when I was really young called ‘adventure stories for girls’ and also a picture of a bird, a royal albatross that my brother drew that I had kept with me since he was murdered.  She used makeup as a means to get back at me as by that stage it was one of those situations where if she disagreed with me she’d say “I want to go to my dads”.  She wants to be a makeup artist and she wants to be famous.  Having met famous people – it is a little bit difficult to comprehend therefore most people would just think you’re joking anyway, which is fine – as I was an extra, I liked being an extra – before hideous shit began to happen.  I was an extra on the movie of Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig at the height of my impromptu victim impact statement.  During which time on set we were told we were allowed to put anything on social media as long as it has nothing to do with the movie which is probably one of the most awkward moments of my life.  My daughter said to me “You’re around famous people all the time, how can you not be star struck”, I replied “Circumstances”.   The night before filming ‘Skyfall’ I collapsed due to stress, writing a victim impact statement including experiences that I have had, but also something for the victims written by a victim - only that got pillaged as well as some of the images used are seen to be ‘copyright’.  All I get/got on social media/internet is just blocked, abused & mocked etc
I was still working as an extra, still had an online business, still attending events amongst celebrities and to suddenly have your past staring at you in the face questioning why no one did anything to prevent the same shit from happening again with regards to Trounson was a shock as well as addressing the racism issue, Hitler and the symbol of the cross being used by the Norway massachist and seemingly no ‘counter’ to combat that.  Around the time of preparing my victim impact statement and working as an extra on the movie ‘Dark Shadows’, I was talking to a work colleage about the criminal justice system and the ‘issue’ of ‘rehab’ and ‘reintegration’ whereby it’s put on the victim to forgive the perpetrator/s as if they don’t ‘forgive’ them they are considered to be evil and ‘non-christian’.  This particular work college has a security job at Abbey Road studios .  The Norway victims are relatable, having spent the next day after my brother was murdered at school, where the school counsellor pull me out of class and ask me if I was okay – well.  It’s like a black hole, it’s exhausting.  It’s like an organ has been removed from your body. It’s so much easier when someone else knows but then easier if they don’t.  The victims of the Norway massacre were interviewed and one took a photo of her tattoo and another had images of the late actor Heath Ledger in it as well as Abbey Road, Arsenal, a Dr Who phonebox and images of the programme ‘Twilight’.
Again – it was over twenty years ago, it is relatable as to what those victims go through and the long questioning that goes on afterwards, the long struggle it takes to rebuild your life while others smile & wave – it’s like – nothing happened, carry on as normal.  Also calls into question human rights and the misuse of the mental health act as well as UN campaigns such as ‘offender friendly’ and ‘transgender’, equal rights and so on and so forth.
I have said that my internet was hacked in to and I have been excluded from the internet:
Meanwhile, the tribunal at the psychiatric unit, no one spoke to me, if I did speak to someone it’d be very patronising and everything you say is considered to be ‘delusional’  and/or they would fabricate what was said or pull something from out of thin air:
Reason for admission at the tribunal:
Ms Johnstone was admitted following being arrested by the police for assaulting her ex mother in law.  During the arrest the police became concerned regarding her mental health and a mental health act assessment was requested.
Ms Johnstone stated that she verbally confronted her ex mother in law and then left.  On admission ms Johnstone reported that she encountered her ex mother in law in Sainsbury’s  and stated that she had been malicious, unpleasant and asked Ms Johnstone why she was taking free food.  Ms Johnstone stated that she snapped in response to this and was then arrested.
On admission when asked about her problems she voiced a number of apparently bizarre beliefs including her conviction that her brother had been killed by Nazi’s in the 1990’s (though she later stated that he had been killed by ‘skinheads’).  She stated that there had been a ‘cascade of murders’ following this by the same people and that they had gang raped her and then massacred people in New Zealand which was why she stated she had left the country.
She then spoke about her belief that she had been going to act in a movie about her and her brother but presidents Putin and Obama flew over to the Star Wars set stole the idea and tried to change it so it was about ‘gay people’.
She spoke about celebrities being cruel to her and her belief that she was clairvoyant.
On her first assessment on the ward she requested that we look at the blog she had written for more details about the problems she had been dealing with: mxenaj.blogspot.co.uk

No, no, no and no.
No assault has ever taken place.   No ‘arguement’ about ‘free food’ has ever taken place.
It felt and feels as if I need a witness when talking to them.
My brother was murdered at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin.  It it a fact.  How very dare you question my life.  I categorically DO NOT call a massacre ‘a cascade of murders’.  Nor did I say anything about the massacre that happened in Aramoana to the consultants, I spoke of it to my solicitor only because it was mentioned in the ‘consultant’ notes for the tribunal.  I did not mention anything about ‘acting in movies’ or the movie business, I did say that there is a movie about the real life massacre that happened in Aramoana, NZ, 1990 – which is again – googleable.   I did not mention anything about Star Wars sets or Putin and Obama flying over it.  I did not mention anything about gay people either.  I was an extra.  Also there are other issues to take into consideration when working in such an environment such as marketing and PR.
So I found myself sat in front of psychiatrists who insist I never had a brother and he was never murdered, my life is a fabrication, doctoring what was said and gathering information from ‘unknown’ sources.
I wrote a book, I’m quite proud of that.  No one has sat down with me to discuss it.
I found myself enclosed in a situation where I had to prove who I am, having to defend myself for what other people have done to me, listening to absolute bollocks in consultant’s rooms – people that lack the ability to be straight with you and have lost the ability to listen and be on the side of the victim.  I seemed to be repeating “No, I didn’t say that, didn’t say that, didn’t say that”.
After the tribunal I was sent to Albany Lodge where they found it funny regarding the situation with my brother.  Some nurses said “when you start talking to her you realise everyone needs sectioned” to others taking the absolute piss and insisting you leave the room so the NHS nurse can pray to Allah.  A nurse asked me about my brother so I said to her she could just google it, surprisingly – she did but then she looked at the internet report and looked back at me and laughed and joked that our surnames are different – therefore – delusional.
At Albany Lodge I was also questioned about the statement of ‘planes falling out of the sky’ – something that I never said and wouldn’t – even if I was off my face.  However, if there is a theory on the MH370, MH17 incidents – it would require intelligent conversation as well as a discussion about race relations combined with a space race and possibly the fact that Putin doesn’t like being called ‘Hitler’.
I was completely traumatised.  Traumatised to the point of not being able to speak to anyone.  My life – had stopped, thanks to the Police and the NHS.  How on earth does one ‘carry on’ after such a horrendous heinously evil experience?
All they wanted to do was call me ‘delusional’ and force an injection in my buttocks.
When I was going through the crux of the turmoil and people referring to it as ‘just a story’ and attempting to explain that when something bad happens it’s like something out of a movie – but not, some actors took that an excuse to make everything about themselves while others – having taken advantage of the victim and it would be so unimaginably evil to learn that celebrities, media, policitians etc have in fact taken advantage of a victim to improve their PR while mocking the victim at the same time – is – inconceivable.  
So.  I’m in the UK, decades later, after having met some one of the most famous people in New Zealand at the time, been on set with the likes of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Jerry Breikenheimer, Rob Marshall, the Disney bunch, Danny Boyle, James Macavoy, the Bond crew, Eastenders etc etc  - life as an extra.  I have been to some amazing places thanks to competitions that I have won such as Madrid, India, Berlin and partied/mingled with the celebrity circuit.  It was a success story – until – the meddling.
At that time I’d been to New York which was a childhood dream.   New York was great, within three days I felt as if the city had adopted me, I had my favourite bar, favourite restaurant all sorted.  I felt after three days that I needed to get a job.
I was living in Hemel Hempstead when 9/11 happened and there was a rumour that I knew someone that died in it – that’s not the case.  That rumour was ‘flying’ round in the midst of me doing my degree in psychology – online – at the University of Derby.   I couldn’t complete my degree due to stress and funding.  At the same time I was doing my online degree both my daughter and myself were subject to bullies as well as the ex husband attempt to have me arrested for kidnapping when our daughter was 10.

This was the communications sent via email from the parole board:

Meanwhile the daily mail deleted all my posts:

I got deleted from the internet (i posted one post)
My account was blocked, no explanation.

A fake account, not made by me, using my email address – over the other side of the world in NZ.

In the Sun newspaper there was an interview from a guy called Gordon Smart who interviewed Alice Cooper.  Alice Cooper was in the pirates movie where a bunch of extras were to play groupies.
Subsequently that year Scotland decided to have a vote for independence and Gerard Butler was photographed with Bradley Cooper and Alex Salmond at the tennis. 
This is me when I was an extra on Pirates:

This is from an Otago daily times reporter who reported the death/murder of my brother whom also mocked me via twitter and later blocked me.  He also wrote an article about the embarrassing lack of response to the Nazi’s in New Zealand, which is googlable.

Meanwhile on the sensible sentencing website it says:

From Sensible Sentencing, an organisation that strives to get tougher sentences for criminals – and improve the treatment of victims

I was sent the offenders history, however due to ‘human error’ the following convictions were seemingly ignored and a list of offenses was sent to me via email:

Meanwhile, the media decided ‘trouncing’ was a good word to use:

And others thought it was a good reason to debate, the death of my brother, gun control etc etc

I also was subject to bullying:

I used to be called Shelley when I was younger which is short for Michelle.

They failed to respond to me and it turned into ‘banter’.  My brothers death turned into a debate.

And they were definitely not students:  (someone that knows someone that knows someone)

Meanwhile, I’m in the UK, not left the country

Gemma Dowler followed me on twitter, I have not met her however fully appreciate that the media are capable of being totally evil and can relate to the experience she went through – as well as being a victim and working within the tv/film industry.  With the Dowler family in relation to Leveson, media intrusion and rebuilding your life afterwards, it’s slightly different because – nearly – everyone knows who you are so you don’t have to explain however with me being on the other side of the world and getting called ‘delusional’, fobbed off and laughed at – is quite something else.

This is me on Mars (John Carter of Mars movie)

 ‘88’ was used for marketing as unbeknown to a lot of people they don’t really know what the number signifies.

This is my daughter’s makeup, having not approved of it quite simply when mum is going through a tough time why instigate to provoke a negative reaction.  Also my daughter wearing Mexican makeup.  She also scribbled my brothers name on the wall in her bedroom.

On social media:

Upon writing my victim impact statement, others found it amusing to take advantage.  Calum best was one of many who decided to play a game.  Lindsay Lohan was pictured with Max George and George Best being the dad of Calum Best, was also an excuse to make everything about themselves whilst taking advantage of, using and abusing the victim.  George Trounson is the name of the convicted murderer who beat my brother to death.

So marketing & PR people followed me, the PR ‘fixer-upperer’

Myself and calum best

Also at the same time when I was working on the Danny Boyle movie called Trance, we were joking about who was going to win the rugby which somehow seemed to be an excuse to take advantage.  I was sitting in the makeup chair of Mr Selfridge and the makeup lady said, talking about death that ‘they all turn into grains of sand’.  I’m not religious however I’m not an atheist either.  Danny Boyle was pictured in the media:

It was also around the same time of the Olympics and when Danny Boyle presented the NHS as part of the opening ceremony.  They also performed another version of Skyfall and coincidentally the Bond movie after Skyfall was set in Mexico and featured the celebration of the dead

Calum Best at a point when I was writing my victim impact statement, relative to Pirates with the ‘loose lips sink ships’  tshirt.

The wife of my ex husband stalking my linkedin page

A duplicate twitter account has been made and anything I post goes straight to the United States and Germany.

The journalist who also wrote about the embarrassing lack of response to the Nazi’s in NZ – mocking the victims sister online and also interrupted by an internet stalker whom is a fan of the masochist of Norway.  Meanwhile the vast majority of responses were such as this:

PR Fixer-upperer, no explanation required.

This is my brothers school leaving certificate

And this is an image of Putin not long after I’d found a phone in a toilet whilst working on an ad, coincidentally.  The situation turned into something rather extraordinary.  An extraordinary ‘coincedence’ involving media, social media and the internet.  After being discarded by the government of my home country, getting mocked and abused I was still working as an extra.  I was asked by a colleague “which is worse?  Saying you’re gunna kill it or that’s so gay” Working in that environment however you never know who you meet and of course the history of my brother’s death seemed to be cause for debate.
My brother’s murderer over in New Zealand went on the run and it wasn’t announced until my birthday which is in fact very spiteful:

The government refused to accept any responsibility:

No explanation has been offered from the NZ Parole Board etc etc:

This was also around the same time that I’d not long won a complimentary trip to Monaco for the Grand Prix.  I took a friend and it was an actor who had to be removed by the men on the yacht.  Turned out to be Ray Winstone.  At first I wasn’t sure however soon became apparent.

I also wrote a book/victim impact statement which has been pillaged; it also involved looking at numerology and the importance of numbers.  87 for example was the score between the All Blacks and France during the Rugby World Cup, 87 is the year of my brothers school leaving certificate.  That year a letter from Robert the Bruce was uncovered before the battle of Bannockburn, the page   number was 87.  Simon Cowell also had an 87th birthday.  Coincidence.  I think not.

When writing about events that are personal and reliving the trauma of a very violent past -  it would be unthinkable for anyone to interfere during that grieving process however that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Blocked by the NZ government and Helen Clark who was aiming to be the next UN secretary General.  It became dirty politics.

It was also around the time Ed Miliband launched a government campaign in relation to magic balls:
The Mars landing was also happening around the same time and Mars was twinned with Scotland.
I also received a random text message telling me that I don’t exist, very stalkery:

And then I get arrested for an assault that never happened, sectioned and locked up.

While I was sectioned I complained about my hips and knees for 28 days, I was told to take a paracetamol and was fobbed off.  This is what my hips and knees looked like after I left hospital:

I was completely traumatised by the whole experience.  Also in a state of shock where it was forced on me to defend myself for what other people have done to me, and also saying over again “I didn’t say that” - also being in a situation where you have to prove who you are and the staff behaved in such a manner that is derogatory and degrading.  What I have said is what has happened to me is a crime and I have been intentionally screwed over.

I could not talk to anyone for over 6 months - it has been extremely traumatic and to have just laughed off and called a fabrication & delusional is just beyond comprehension.  They said that I lack insight into my mental health problem – they failed to listen as I have repeatedly said that I have PTSD however the consultants refuse to accept this and again – fob it off as it seems far more easier to call a victim delusional and fabricate what was said on psychiatric reports.  It was then that I was evicted and was subsequently sectioned again.  Again, the same thing as before – not PTSD, delusional and the fictional argument about ‘free food’ kept reoccurring.  There has *never* been any argument about ‘free food’ nor did any assault happen.  I have been hacked into.  I am in fact – a victim – however getting/got treated worse than a criminal.  I had not been treated for shock, stress or anxiety but rather contend with the flippant attitude towards me and my life – which they insisted was a fabrication and delusional.

The report from Aston Ward Admission Summary & Discharge Care plan (1), most of which is written is – bullshit. 
It states that I refused to engage however the consultants refused to listen and I am not delusional – my brother and the events that occurred in 1990 – are not fictional, having spent a very traumatic month inside a psychiatric unit having to explain yourself when you didn’t say anything about yourself and anything you do say is considered to be delusional.  It was detrimental to my health.  How on earth do you have a conversation with anyone after that?  It also states that she presented with thought disorder and was expressing paranoid and persecutory delusional beliefs.  It’s fact, I have kept evidence of the abuse that I have received.  My bothers murder turned into a debate and if you want to call abuse persecutory beliefs – you are stuck in front of psychiatrists who insist you never had a brother and he was never murdered and ‘sex’ up psychiatric reports, write things that were never said and patronise the service user.
The mental State on Admission:
Bullshit.  Points: no ‘flights of ideas’, yes I am a victim of extremism and yes I have been ostricised.  Yes I have suffered police brutality and I have stated that I received a text telling me that I don’t exist.  I have PTSD, been through an extremely traumatic time in 1990 that has been amplified by the treatment that I have received over the duration of approximately the past five years .  I have stated that they were skinheads and I have said that I have written about my life.  I did not make any accusations that David Cameron, Ed Miliband, UKIP, and John Key (PM of NZ) plaigurised it.  I stated I dreamt about my brothers death – this seemed to be an excuse to pass it off as fictional.  I mentioned the massacre – which what is written is again incorrect – it happened in the 1990’s not the 1980’s as suggested.  I told them about the gang rape incident again – they suggested was fictional.
Treatment & progress:
It states that I presented the same delusional beliefs and was hostile and paranoid about the staff on the ward.  Facts don’t change whatever they inject me with as they refuse to listen and make shit up.  I was sectioned under 3 as I was ‘vulnerable’, I attempted to show the lady who put me on a section 3 the abuse that I had received on social media and she said “I don’t want to look at that it’s too disturbing for me”.  It was very difficult to have an intelligent conversation with individuals and professionals who pass you off as being delusional and be very patronising and flippant while seemingly misuse the term ‘delusional’ and ‘psychotic’.
It also states that hardly any improvement was noted in my ‘mental state’ and therefore they changed the medication and increased it.  Still saying the same thing – so ‘Persistent Delusional Disorder’ – increasing the medication, ‘sexing’ up psychiatric reports is falsifying documents until she stops saying the same thing. ?  It states that I have been adamant that I have PTSD however the consultants refuse to listen.  Facts don’t change – whatever they inject me with.
It is a misdiagnosis – which has destroyed my life however it has been intentionally destroyed.
It states on paper 2 that ‘Michelle has an established diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder’  - facts don’t change.  It also states other bullshit such as ‘Milley Dawler hacked into my phone, showed picture of Princess Diana and a New Zealand prime minister whom she blamed for Diana’s murder and other points of delusional reference’.  No.  What bullshit.  How on earth can you have an intelligent conversation with someone when what is written is a total fabrication.
I had a tribunal while on the section 3 at Aston Ward.  It made me laugh when I seen what was written, the solicitor only wanted to see a picture of me dressed as an extra on Pirates of the Caribbean as – people find it difficult to comprehend who I’ve met.  I had an interview prior to the tribunal by a woman who appeared not to understand English and confuse matters.  When in the tribunal room one of the judges asked me about my brother and our upbringing and I told him and it was a basic ‘well, yeah – why do they not believe you’ type thing.  At that stage I was homeless and told that it is very rare that anyone escapes a section 3.  What it should indicate is that I have been extremely bullied.  Again there is more bullshit, on reasons 3 of the tribunal it mentions ‘significant inconsistencies’ – what is written is absolute bullshit.  I do not lack insight nor do I think the public are conspiring against me and I never said such as thing like “you’re next”.
I remained on section 3, under the diagnosis of ‘delusional’.
I wrote to CQC which resulted in a second opinion doctor confirming the diagnosis of PTSD.  I also made a complaint to the IPCC which so far has resulted in an officer coming out, I spoke to her – gave her some background and showed her the abuse I received.  She advised me to stay off the internet.  I showed her the text message that I received telling me that I don’t exist – again – I told the officer that I was hacked into and she said that the Police would get back to me.  The Police got back to me and proceeded to laugh it off and suggest that I need a doctor and told me to stay off the internet.  I told the officer that it has destroyed my life, he laughed it off and insisted that it hadn’t.
Whereas the lady at IPCC asked if I would like victim support.

For some strange reason he thought I was Russian.
I feel that what has happened to me is unjust and criminal and the only ‘support’ I have had is getting called ‘delusional’ with injections forcibly.   It has made me physically sick.
I also find it surprising that the longest I have spent talking to a consultant was the second opinion doctor.  I spoke to her for two hours which is more than I’ve spoken to anyone over the past two years. 
I reject the diagnosis of ‘persistant delusional disorder’, I have PTSD which has been confirmed by the second opinion psychiatrist as part of the ‘investigation’, as well as my GP.  In regards to ‘delusional for other reasons’ – I have showed evidence of the abuse I have received and instances of being excluded from the internet.
Upon seeing all the bullshit written at the Tribunal my solicitor advised me not to talk to them (as they have the tendency to make shit up) and advised to get an independent psychiatrist – which I have done.

I’m also attempting to put together facts and information for the ombudsman.

My blog that I kept, I wrote a book/victim impact statement and also using images:

Chapter 10 and 11 includes the section.
There is also a page called ‘Random Pictures’ which is my way of describing events as they happened and where I was that coincided with the victim impact statement/leveson/media  etc etc
Please mind the swearing.

I have attached the notes:

I appreciate it’s very long however I am unable to break it down into a couple of paragraphs. 

Thank you

Michelle Johnstone